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12 Kansas City-area schools among those sued by …

Details: 2 days ago · Of the suits, 12 were filed against Kansas City area school districts. They are: Kansas City Public Schools. North Kansas City School District. Park Hill School District. Lee’s Summit R-7 School

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These Kansas City area school districts the latest to warn

Details: The St. Joseph school district canceled all classes this week. And the Knob Noster school district, in Johnson County, Missouri, on Wednesday extended school closures through Friday, after first

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Why your kid’s Kansas City area school is closing, but not

Details: And the the Belton school district, in Cass County about 20 minutes south of Kansas City, is holding online-only classes Friday through Tuesday. $2 for 2 months Subscribe for unlimited access to

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Missouri school district moves classes online due to …

Details: A Kansas City metro school district is moving classes online for the rest of the week, with officials hoping to curb the rapid spread of COVID-19 after facing high rates of staff and student absences.

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Park Hill district to close schools due to COVID-19

Details: 16 hours ago · The Park Hill district will close schools on Thursday and Friday as COVID-19 outbreaks cause a staffing crisis, and as the district and others face lawsuits from the Missouri attorney general over

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Will MO AG, targeting school mask rules, sue charter

Details: 3 hours ago · Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt filed nine additional lawsuits against school districts with mask mandates this week, bringing the total number of …

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Bill axes ‘belief’ exemption to school COVID-19

Details: 1 day ago · California legislation proposed Monday would eliminate a personal belief exemption in school-based COVID-19 vaccination requirements. Sen. Richard Pan introduced the Keep Schools Open and Safe Act

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Olathe, KCK schools cancel class with COVID surge in staff

Details: With hundreds of staff members out sick, school districts in Olathe and Kansas City, Kansas canceled classes for Tuesday and Wednesday amid a surge in infections of the omicron variant of COVID-19.

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How many kids are out sick at your school because of …

Details: In Kansas, the Kansas City Unified School District reported 537 cases among residents ages 5 to 17 in the first two weeks of 2022. Nearby Shawnee Mission Public Schools reported 931, Olathe

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Schools, police on alert nationwide after vague threats of

Details: Locally, school districts in the metro have been dealing with a rash of threats and are on constant high alert in the case of potential acts of violence.

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All must wear masks again in this Johnson County school

Details: 21 hours ago · The Shawnee Mission school district is bringing back its universal mask mandate, as the district works to remain open despite ongoing COVID-19 outbreaks and staff shortages. The school board on

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Blue Springs School District seeks new trial after $4

Details: The Blue Springs School District requested a new trial from the Jackson County Circuit Court after a jury’s decision to set a $4 million penalty against the school for their treatment of a

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Olathe candidate sues school board president

Details: 1 day ago · The school board’s policy states that Beveridge, as board president, is responsible for maintaining proper order and “may interrupt or terminate any individual’s statement if it is

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Kansas City area school district closes for rest of week

Details: The Bonner Springs Edwardsville school district has canceled school for the rest of the week because nearly a quarter of students have fallen ill from COVID-19 and other illnesses. “In an effort

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Belton school district goes to virtual learning due to

Details: Several area school districts have had to empty out for a few days because of COVID-19. Only a few have opted to use remote learning. Mike Householder AP During widespread COVID-19 outbreaks

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KS group fights ‘parents rights’ education misinformation

Details: 1 day ago · Kansas school board elections are two years out, but a new group isn’t waiting until then to try and support the state’s public education …

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Eudora, Kansas school district cancels school due to COVID

Details: Another school district in the Kansas City region is closing schools this week as it cannot find enough substitute teachers to staff classrooms amid COVID-19 outbreaks. The Eudora school district

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Warrensburg High School evacuated following bomb threat

Details: 1 day ago · Warrensburg High School, in Johnson County, Missouri, was evacuated following a bomb threat Monday. The school based in Warrensburg, situated about 60 miles southeast of Kansas City, announced the

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Interview: R.J. Appleberry, transgender student in

Details: The school district, however, made him use a separate bathroom, marked for neither boys nor girls. School officials also denied him access to the boys locker room.

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Mom tells school she’ll come armed in opposition to COVID

Details: A woman upset about her child’s school requiring masks told district officials that she would come armed to oppose to the school’s mandates. The Virginia mother’s comments at the Page County

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