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Environment Friendly Schools: How to Make Your School …

Details: Encourage parents and kids to use public transportation or to walk or bike to school. Use carpools to bring many students to school together. Reduce idling outside school; instead, turn off car and bus engines. Encourage the school to use buses with cleaner fuels, such as biodiesel or to start investing in hybrid buses.

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The Benefits of Attending an All-Girls' School

Details: According to the National Coalition of Girls Schools, nearly 80% of girls school students report feeling challenged to the point of achieving their full potential, and more than 80% of graduates from all-girls schools report that they …

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Graduate School Admissions Exams: Masters Degree Tests

Details: Standardized exams are thought to measure an applicant's potential to succeed in graduate school. A high grade point average (GPA) indicates success at your college or university. Standardized tests permit fair comparisons of students from a variety of universities and colleges with potentially differing grading standards.

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Analysis of 'The School' by Donald Barthelme

Details: "The School" was originally published in 1974 in The New Yorker, where it is available to subscribers. You can also find a free copy of the story at National Public Radio. Spoiler Alert Barthelme's story is short—only about 1,200 words—and really, darkly funny. It's worth reading on your own before diving into this analysis. Humor and Escalation

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Examining the Pros and Cons of a Four-Day School Week

Details: The standard requirement for schools is 180 days or an average range of 990-1080 hours. Schools are able to switch to a four-day week by simply increasing the length of their school day. Students are still getting the same amount of instruction in terms of minutes, just in a shorter number of days. Featured Video Too Early to Tell

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What to Expect in Graduate School

Details: 1. Successful Graduate Students are Autonomous Graduate school is less structured than college. It requires independent thinking and the initiative to figure things out on your own. You may have to choose your own advisor. It will be up to you, with a little guidance, to carve out an area of research and find a thesis or dissertation topic.

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Waldorf School Basics: Understanding the Educational …

Details: The first Waldorf School opened in 1919 in Stuttgart, Germany. It was opened in response to a request from Emil Molt, the owner of the Waldorf-Astoria Cigarette Company in the same location. The goal was to open a school that would benefit the children of …

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5 Major Differences Between Public and Private Schools

Details: Class Size Class size is one of the major differences between public schools and private schools. The class size in urban public schools can be as large as 25 to 30 students (or more), while most private schools keep their class sizes closer to an average of 10 to 15 students, depending on the school.

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Dropping Out: When It Makes Sense to Quit School

Details: According to a 2005 study by the non-profit Brookings Institution and Princeton University, adults ages 30-39, who never completed high school were earning $15,700 a year less than their colleagues with high school diplomas, and $35,000 a year less than adults of similar age who had attended college for two years.

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Checklist of Essential Law School Supplies

Details: In law school, it's crucial to keep track of assignments, status updates, class schedules, and personal engagements. Whether you decide to use a paper planner or prefer to organize your life on your computer, if you start keeping track from day one, you won't wind up missing something important—like that big test. 10 of 12

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How to Earn an Online High School Diploma as an Adult

Details: Online School With Adult Programs If you decide that earning an online diploma is the best choice, the next step is to choose an online high school program. Make sure the school you select is accredited by the proper organization. Schools that are regionally accredited are the most widely accepted by employers and colleges.

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Improving School Lunches (for Kids and the Environment)

Details: School Lunch Program The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) also runs a Small Farms/School Meals program that boasts participation in 400 school districts in 32 states. Interested schools can check out the agency’s “Step-by-Step Guide on How to Bring Small Farms and Local Schools Together”, which is available free online. Lunch Cooking Classes

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Interview Questions for Private School Admissions

Details: The best school for any student is the school that’s the best fit, so while you are researching the school, you can determine whether the school is a place where you will grow. The interview is another opportunity for you to find out more about the …

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French School Vocabulary

Details: Updated on February 27, 2019 Learn French vocabulary related to school, including different types of schools and school supplies. Click any link to hear that word pronounced. French School Vocabulary une école - school (in general), grade school un écolier, une écolière - grade school student un collège - middle school, junior high

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How Much Does Medical School Cost

Details: Although exact tuition costs vary by year and by school, the cost of medical school has consistently increased over the last decade. According to the AAMC, in the 2018-19 year, the cost of public medical school averaged $36,755 per year ($147,020 per degree) for in-state students and $60,802 per year ($243,208 per degree) for out-of-state students.

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